Remember passed away loved ones

Lievebook is a beautiful memorial place where you can remember passed away loved ones together with others.
Share memories through stories, photos and videos.

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"It is in your hands to create a better world for all who live in it"

Nelson Mandela

In memorial

When you say goodbye to a deceased beloved person together with friends, family and others, beautiful stories are often told. Stories about who the person was, what he or she believed in, beautiful moments in his or her life and that the loss is great. This moment of saying goodbye helps to deal with the loss and often gives a bond with the people participating in the wake. Lievebook offers an online place to keep the stories alive.

Lievebook in an obituary

Placing a Lievebook page url in an obituary gives people a change to write their loving thoughts about the deceased person and share it with others. Together, one can process the loss of a person even if they cannot join the wake.

Lievebook's purpose

With Lievebook everybody can remember beloved passed away people together with others. Creating a Lievebook account and pages about beloved deceased people is for free.